How do I cancel my Hosting Account ?

If you have made the decision to cancel your hosting account, we ask that you give notice of your wish to cancel as per the terms and conditions on our website.  All cancellation requests must be submitted via the billing system (WHMCS), as this requires the Account Holder to login and submit the request.

Once logged into the billing system

  • Click on My Services
  • Choose which account you wish to cancel
  • Select the down arrow on the View Details (the down arrow is on the far right of the view details button box at the right hand side)
  • At the bottom of that dropdown you can request a cancellation - this gives you the option to select immediate cancellation or at the next due date.

Please give a full reason in the box provided; this helps us to review our services.  We may also need to contact you before processing your cancellation request if we need more information or if the reason for cancellation is something we could try to resolve.

If you submit a cancellation request in error, please contact Support immediately.

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